First birthday of the blog!

Today Grammaticalicious is 1 year old! One year after I started this blog my life has changed a lot. I moved to Finland, first to a city, and 8 months later to another one, I have been working as an English and Spanish teacher and right now I’m waiting for new job opportunities for the next academic year, I have improved my Finnish quite a lot… So with such a busy year I have not written many posts in this blog.


In this year, without counting this birthday post, I have written 18 entries in Grammaticalicious. The blog has 74 followers (Facebook + mail followers) and has received 1,197 visits so far. These visits have come from 43 countries from all over the world, and the funniest searches that have brought someone to the blog have been doubts about meatballs without meat, that ended up referring to this post. The most visited post is this one about automatic translations, one of the first posts of the blog.

This is where visitors have come from

This is where visitors have come from

Since this is a personal project I can’t always devote as much time to the blog as I would like to, but for the next 12 months I will really try to write a decent amount of posts about language teaching, language learning, grammar, translation, and any other topic that fits in the blog. I know that a new year is not starting, but a new year in the life of the blog is, so I will make a little list of “new” year resolutions related to the blog and its content:

– To post entries more often. By this time next year, I hope I will have written as many entries as this year, or even more!

– To keep improving my Finnish, maybe to get to the C1 level? At some point I want to take the YKI test, the National Certificate of Language Proficiency, an official exam that we will talk about in the new section of the blog. One of my Finnish teachers has told me already some months ago that I’m ready to pass the intermediate level, but since the matriculation fee is 100€ I prefer to wait a little bit and to be more confident and sure when I take it. So maybe before the next birthday of the blog I will have passed it… Let’s see!

– To find a job as an English and/or Spanish teacher. Around 2 months ago I moved to the city of Tampere, and I would really like to find a teaching job here to keep growing professionally doing what I’m passionate about. If everything goes well I will start teaching part-time again in September, but I want more part-times or a full-time job 🙂

I want to thank everyone of you, everybody who reads the blog, everybody who writes comments, everybody who arrived here looking for something else and decided to stay… to all of you THANK YOU! I hope we will continue this journey one year more together.


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